Roger Federer ● The Nuclear Forehand Encyclopedia Part I REMASTERED

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Original video:

Finally, finally, I am able to reupload my very first video on Youtube! I'm proud to present you a remastered version of my showpiece series: The Federer's Nuclear Forehand Encyclopedia. This is part I and I have four more parts to remaster. Part VI is already up on my channel also. Go check it out!

I've not changed a single nuclear forehand, only upgraded the nuclears to the best possible quality available on the web. In doing so I've stayed true to the original for 95%. Special thanks go to two legendary Federer uploaders who made it possible to recollect all the nuclear forehands in HD

PeRFect tennis:

Below you'll find the original description for this video...

When The Federer Forehand Goes Nuclear...

When Federer lights it up, things really can get hot! Sure, the Del Potros and Berdyches of this world can smash the yellow ball to smithereens, but there’s something else to the Fed Forehand. Its sheer power and velocity comes from the aesthetically pleasing yet destructive technicality of the stroke, all masqueraded with an insultingly easy looking acceleration of the racquet head. The way he torques his body, plants his feet right before lift-off, uses the snap of his wrist to crank up the MPH. It’s almost dismissive, as if his body language is saying “’Was nice knowin’ ya!” It’s no secret that when the man deploys his primary weapon, he starts spraying mushroom clouds all over the court. Subsequently, in the wake of each forehand detonation, as the dust settles, the faces of his humbled opponents are often barely recognizable from the fall-out.

This video, as part I of a series, is intended to be the collective work of all his nuclear forehand winners struck during his professional career, dazzling on the screen. The sole criteria of the shot selection used was the speed of the ball catapulted off the strings, combined with respectable picture quality. Some special, less pacey forehands are also added for the necessary breathing space. Every furious forehand blast flows following the previous one in mach speed, flashing by the viewer. It seems that even at his ripe tennis age, when normal mortal humans come face to face with their own ominous athletic decline, the wear and tear on his body has been kept to a minimum. One could say Federer has wielded his obtained nuclear power throughout the years with the respect it deserves, as he still hovercrafts around the baize. Well, admittedly, Federer might have lost a step in his legs, but as this bombardment shows with footage up until late 2015, his right arm still has plenty of enriched uranium left!

Music used:
Smoove & Turrell - Slow Down
Smoove & Turrell - Slow Down (acoustic, edited version)
Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

Forehands blasted: 157

I hope you enjoy this special project!

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