Stop Early Release with Gravity and Improve Iron Zip

Original video:

Stop Early Release with Gravity and Improve Iron Zip. Golf swing release has done naturally and gets a simple golf swing series for more power consistency and lower scores.

The Art of simple golf very windy day but I have a nice thought for you that hopefully will give you pretty instant results especially with your irons to give you a bit more zip off the ball and a bit more freedom as you swing through without having to think too much about it.

In this golf lesson you will see Alex Fortey demonstrate that when you hit at the golf ball and try to release that way, you lose control, consistency, and power! You don't need to straighten your arms at impact. That causes early release.

This kills yards and accuracy. However, when you allow gravity, the weight of the club and gravity to pull through, your arms will straighten and create speed and release.

You can Increase lag, improve golf swing sequence, connection. You have the natural ability to swing great. Your time is now.

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