How to Make a Pencil Holder

Original video:

Hi everyone! This time I wanted to start experimenting with concrete and wood. For this project we need some pre-work doing the mold. As you can see, for the outer shape I used a cardboard tube but for the inner one I didn't find one with the needed diameter. So I used the lathe to turn a small piece of soft lumber (yellow pine) to be the inner shape of the mold.

As you will see I recommend to shake the concrete before curing to achieve a uniform piece. Otherwise you leave it without doing this to achieve a irregular shape with bubbles (you will find a picture of this in my facebook and instagram as well).

Also, you will notice I broke accidentally the concrete piece while I was unmolding it. I can assure you that after repairing it with quick concrete you will obtain a rock solid piece.

Finally, I applied clear wood wax in the whole piece to obtain a dust-free and glossy finish.

I hope this video inspires you to try new things. Please, like and share my work to help me keep doing this. Thanks.