Natural Instinct Golf Swing - 1 Arm Pre Set Drill

Original video:

Simple golf swing sequence and power with the one arm pre set. You want to see how an instinctive golf swing feels? This drill will do it in abundance. Golf swing drill for improving golf swing sequence and freedom

I am Alex Fortey and this is the art of simple golf. I am going to give you a really cool drill to give you a sensation to be able to give you more power and a natural golf swing that will make you hit the ball better and have freedom in your swing.

Get a simple golf swing series for more power consistency and lower scores. It will also show you how to use the ground in the golf swing too.

In this golf lesson, you will see Alex Fortey demonstrate how the simple golf swing step drill will give you the natural sequence and power you want.

You want golf to be fluid, powerful and easy on the body and to be natural it will make it easier to have perfect golf swing sequence in the downswing transition.

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