MLB The Show 18 Pack Opening - Gold Pull Again and How to Make Stubs

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MLB The Show 18 Diamond Dynasty is here with a HUGE pack opening! If you want more, drop those likes and comments! In this series, I play through the game while rarely spending money on packs (except at the start), sending out tips on how to play with a great budget team, earn Stubs, how to make Stubs, and much more on the way to those Immortal players!

Today, I head into the mode and rip open 10 packs, getting a gold player, and gold pulls, and even some Legends!

MLB The Show 18 Pack Opening - Gold Pull Again and How to Make Stubs - Leave a Like, Comment, and Subscribe for More:

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35-pack opening with more diamond and gold pulls!

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This is a series where I earn most players on my roster through gameplay – but I'll occasionally do pack openings and have some fun with that too. I’ll accomplish this by playing Conquest, Battle Royale, Events, and Ranked Seasons to try and build up to Gold and Diamond Players, and I invite you along on the journey through the auction block, gameplay rewards, captains, missions, and tons of tips on good players to get. I eventually want to get the Immortal players like Bob Gibson and Albert Pujols too. I hope you enjoy and support this series; it means a lot to me.


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MORE Diamond Dynasty Info:
The Diamond Dynasty mode in MLB The Show is awesome. This year, legends like Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Ted Williams and Mike Schmidt will be available and can be unlocked through dozens of new programs. Players will be able to choose which missions to play. Caps on player attributes will now extend beyond 99, with some specific attributes well into the 100s. Diamond Dynasty will also include hundreds of new souvenirs including hats, jerseys, autographs and bobbleheads.