Summoner Showcase Episode 132: Submissions Part II

Original video:

This week on the Summoner Showcase we’re doing another ALL submissions episode of the show; we pulled every one of these from the comments and submissions that you personally made and sent in. Just watch the video already.

Pool Party Sona and Friends -

Emily (Lulu):

Chloe (Ahri):

Brent (Azir):

Elderwood Janna by Io Bittencourt (

Zoe by Miuzr (


Clown Fiesta of Shacos by Kristaldoodle (facebook)

Who did you vote for All Stars and who are you rooting for this weekend? Let us know in the comments!


Q: When does the Summoner Showcase release new episodes?
A: Summoner Showcase releases every other Friday on YouTube and Facebook. So twice a month-ish. Sometimes we put up an extra video during exciting events like PAX, but we don’t have those planned out too far in advance.

Q: Can I submit stuff in the YouTube comments?
A: You can TOTALLY suggest creators or content in the comments on YouTube! Sometimes the platform likes to remove or clip links, and sometimes submissions get eaten by the machine. Facebook just supports those types of links better.

The team will see your suggestion faster if you post it on the Facebook page:

Q: Is my art/craft/cosplay/tattoo/thing good enough for the Summoner Showcase?
A: If you made something about League, you’re good enough. We want to see everything. Quality is great, but passion reigns supreme.

Q: Who is Mel?
A: Mel’s been at Riot for two years working full time in Recruiting. She also leads player tours on campus and friggin’ loves fan art and doing her own cosplay so we chose her to host the new show! She’s great. Just, just great.

Q: Can I tell artists their art is bad? I’m just telling it like it is. You have to be open to criticism!
A: Artists and cosplayers are open to constructive criticism if they ask for it. Summoner Showcase is a showcase of creations, not a call for critique.

If you want to give someone feedback on their art, cosplay, creations, etc, think about how you’d like to be told feedback before giving it. You’d be surprised at how much words hurt. Don’t be that person. Also, we delete bullshit comments.

Q: I have a suggestion for/opinion about the show! LISTEN TO ME!!!!!
A: Post it in the comments! See criticism rules above. Let us know what you’re feeling and we’ll try to address it!

Q: Where’s Nika?!
A: Nika left Riot a while back and the original Summoner Showcase ended. She has been doing her own awesome stuff on her channels and you should check her social media stuff for more info.

Q: Where’s ALL Chat?
A: Unfortunately, ALL Chat ended in December 2016. We loved the show. Mat was one of the producers on the show! But it was sent to a farm upstate to live a happy life with a nice old man in a rocking chair who whittles tiny soap carvings of Hecarim. Real talk, it was hard to iterate/change the show with such a rigid structure, so we pulled out the segments into individual shows to focus on them each separately. Jimmy, Josh, Sam, and Jess are all hard at work on their own projects, so follow their social media for more!