How to Make a wall clock

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Hi everyone, this week I’m going to show you how I made this wooden clock inspired on a well known football team of my country. A friend of ours asked to make one for her mother. In this project my wife helped me with the design and she came with the idea to combine the wood with the cutting vinyl (she have been working for some years as signwriter and has vast experience working on this material). So after sketching the design, we ordered the vinyl on a local store. I prepared the wooden clock with Bosse Cedar, specie which I’ve never worked before. This time, I decide to flatten, jointing and thicknessing the wood without the router and table saw help. I only used my nº4 and nº7 cheap hand planes. I loved to work this wood due its pleasant smell as you work it. For the wall hanging I decide to use a french cleat system, method which I’ve been using for some time before with satisfactory results. Before applying the vinyl I needed to prepare a uniform and non-porous surface to assure a good binding. After apply a walnut tint to increase the contrast between the wood and the vinyl, I applied 4 coats of spray lacquer, sanding with 500 grit between coats. For the first time, my wife decide to participate on the crafting project, by applying the vinyl. I’m pretty satisfied with the results as well as our friend. I hope you enjoy this project.

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Regards from Barcelona!