How to Make a Copper and Wood Ring

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Hi everyone! In the next video I’m going to show how I made a copper and wood ring. As usually, the materials which I’m using are quite affordable and easy to find: wood shavings, copper pipe and copper wire from any electric cable. Still, this time I used a quite exotic wood; the Caesalpinia Granadillo (a.k.a. Brown Ebony or Guayacan) which is one of the hardest woods on earth, about 20-25% harder than Ebony. There is no doubt it’s a very suitable wood for jewelry. Till now, I've been using the Dremel tool to turn rings which now it’s been set aside for my new lathe which lets me a quicker and precise job.
Finally, I've added a very simple poll at the end of the video in which I’m asking you to choose in between two different projects to be the next one I’ll do. I find this way interesting to interact somehow with my subscribers. I hope you liked and participate.
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