How To Repair Orange Peel and Paint Blemishes

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How We Fix Orange Peel in Paint and Clear Coat.


DeWalt Polisher

Dual Action Polisher:

3M 8\" Foam Compounding Pad

Foam Sanding Boards

Mothers Polish

Carnauba Cleaner Wax

3M Polishing Pad

3M Hookit 7\" Pad

3M Wool Compound Pad

Spray Bottles


600 Grit

1200 Grit

2000 Grit

3000 Grit

Venom Gloves

Wax Applicator


Friends, Remember to let ALL NEW paint and clear coat set for 6 to 12 weeks before WAXING!!! This allows the outgassing and cure process to complete. You can use this to Polish it until it is time to wax, Remember WAX & Polish are completely different. Wait Time can vary on the type of paint you use, a urethane paint can usually be waxed sooner. We waxed the paint in this video ONLY to show you how to do it when the time is right after you have waited a few weeks. We hope you enjoy!!

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